On Tuesday 2 February 2016, Bartlett Workplace celebrated the launch of our new premises and training facilities at 41X and officially launched Workplace 360, our interactive platform for HR compliance products and forums dedicated to HR and Workplace professionals.

At Bartlett Workplace, we offer a one-stop shop for workplace legal and HR advisory services and high-quality, sensibly priced workplace training. Our HR and IR specialists also conduct workplace investigations and implement restructuring and cultural change strategies. We are thinking differently in the way we deliver our services and structure our fees to add value to your organisation.

To reflect our workplace focus, our new premises are right in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD and right next to the Fair Work Commission. Our new premises incorporate:

  • Specialised investigation, counselling and mediation rooms;
  • State of the art video and audio technology; and
  • A tailored training facility, specially designed to suit our interactive and practical training, workshops and courses.

The Launch was a great opportunity for our clients, industry partners and family to

  • Meet our team of workplace legal, HR and IR specialists and investigators;
  • Learn more about our specialised workplace legal, IR, HR and training services;
  • Take a tour of our new state of the art premises; and
  • Hear from special guests and members of our team about Bartlett Workplace and new ways to tackle key issues in the workplace.

Launching Workplace 360: Thinking Differently: Real Issues for Productivity in the Workplace

Productivity in the workplace is a hot topic for all employers. The Workplace 360 Launch was a great opportunity for guests and clients to hear Glen Bartlett’s new perspective on that subject.

Glen focused on 2 key areas:

           1)  the importance of a collaborative approach to EBAs; and

           2) the role that continuous learning and training plays in driving productivity.

Two things that are generally not done well in this country.

He led the discussion on the need to rethink how we structure EBAs and individual contracts, and adopt a more collaborative approach to employment agreements and penalty rate reform. Glen feels that agreements must reflect global best practice and what is best for the employee and employer, if we are to achieve a more productive, innovative and globally competitive Australian workforce.

Glen has trained over 4000 decision makers and managers from a variety of industry sectors and it is clear to him that Australian businesses and governments put their best people into management positions and make them responsible for their most valuable assets: their people. However, we fail to provide them with the tools and training they need to succeed as managers and to maximise productivity

With Workplace 360 and our management capability training, Bartlett Workplace is addressing this need with a particular emphasis on innovation and technology.

New industries demand new management capabilities. For this reason, Bartlett Workplace is committed, through workplace training and the Workplace 360 platform, to innovation and mobile technology. This will enable your workforce to access tools and information in real time, creating a more efficient, effective and productive workforce which ultimately will have a positive impact on the economy.

The Team at Bartlett Workplace wish to thank all our clients, industry partners and family for their support and we look forward to working with our clients to help them become more productive through “Thinking Differently”.

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