Having trained over 4000 managers in groups of less than 20 across Australia we clearly have a problem! As employers we tend to put our very best people whether they be operators, lawyers, financial experts or academics into management positions responsible for people and we do not equip them with the right tools and/or training to manage their people to maximise productivity and minimise risk.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be posting blogs about different “curve balls” you may come across and suggestions on how to handle the situation.

What would you do if you are managing the performance of one of your team and they say:

  • You seek to counsel an employee – they refuse to meet with you;
  • The employee will only meet with you if they bring their spouse with them;
  • The employee refuses to engage – “I have a right to remain silent”;
  • The employee gets very aggressive and starts attacking you? E.g. “you are a useless Manager/Supervisor – what experience do you have in HR?”;
  • The employee says – “I am feeling stressed”;
  • The employee says – “I have just been told about a death in the family”;
  • The employee gets angry and starts to walk out of the meeting;
  • The employee says – “I know you don’t like me”;
  • The employee says – I can’t believe this is happening given the great performance review you gave me 2 months ago”;
  • The employee says – “You are bullying me”;
  • The employee says – “I am going to lodge a grievance about the lack of resources to assist me to perform”;
  • The employee says – “X does that all of the time and you never counsel them”; and
  • The employee says – “I am not speaking to you without my lawyer”.

Our training led by Glen Bartlett will ensure you can respond to all of these curveballs and more and will give you the confidence to handle any situation with managing staff

We invite you to attend training at Bartlett Workplace using state of the art training facilities where training is conducted in groups or for one on one coaching. We will also bring our training to you wherever you are in Australia and provide practical resources including checklists as part of our programs.

For more information on upcoming workshops go to www.bartlettworkplace.com or call us on (03) 9603 5000.

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