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Change Management, Restructuring and Redundancy

1 November 2015     9:30am to 5.00pm    Perth

Financial downturn and pressure, technological change and workplace productivity issues can drive the need to develop and implement a strategy for Change Management, Restructuring and Redundancy.  Bartlett Workplace offers a full and half day workshop on this topic covering;

  • Workplace Culture;
  • Developing the right behaviours and executing a cultural change program;
  • Measure to increase workplace productivity including changes to explore, the need to restructure, developing a business case and options to consider when restructuring;
  • Consultation requirements when dealing with major workplace change including restructuring and redundancy;
  • Redundancy: what is it?  What are the consultation obligations; what are the redeployment obligations; what payment obligations are there and what options are there around notice and taxation implications; what additional obligations arise in a group redundancy situation; what criteria should be applied when selection people for redundancy; what criteria are unlawful?
Victoria Laspas
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Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Perth 9:30am to 5.00pm

Darwin 8.30am to 4.00pm

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