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Bartlett Workplace is committed to corporate social responsibility and has a number of partners. The team at Bartlett Workplace is committed to performing pro bono work for charitable organisations and parties who are unable to afford legal advice and/or representation. Bartlett Workplace is also a participant in the Fair Work Commission pro bono support program.

Monash Motorsport

Monash Motorsport is a student-run organisation from Monash University who design, construct and compete with an open wheel, formula style race car in the world’s largest university engineering design competition, Formula SAE.

Monash Motorsport have been leaders of the Australasian competition for a number of years now and this has earned them respect both locally and on the global arena as well. Teams from over five hundred universities across the world look to our design and technological innovations for their inspiration and future direction.

We are proud to associate our brand with a team whose engineering ability is admired and emulated around the globe. We work closely with the team at Monash Motorsport, providing PR advice and Strategic Industry Engagement advice. By using one of the largest social media followings in the competition, the team is able to showcase their latest ideas and innovations and recognise the huge roles that industry partners play in their ongoing success. The team is very active in the promotion of women in engineering and motorsport in general and regularly speaks at schools across Victoria.

Bartlett Workplace invests in and supports Australia’s next generation of sports technologies, engineering and advanced manufacturing capabilities playing an active role in assisting Australian innovation and our next generation of talent compete not only locally but globally as well.

The link to MMS website is:

Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law, Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne

The Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law was established in the Faculty of Law in 1994. Its broad aims are to consolidate the teaching of, and research into, labour and employment law at the University of Melbourne, to contribute to the development of labour and employment law teaching and research throughout Australia, and to engage with labour and employment law scholars throughout the world. Centre Members are amongst some of Australia’s leading academics in the employment and labour law space and teach labour and employment law subjects in the undergraduate and graduate programs in the Faculty of Law.

As leaders in the Employment and Industrial Law space, Bartlett Workplace who also specialise in Workplace law and Management Training are delighted to support the Centre, demonstrating our commitment to research and continuous training in the areas of Employment and Labour Relations Law.


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