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Enterprise Bargaining Under the Fair Work Act

26 October 2015     9:30am to 5.00pm    Perth

Under the Fair Work Act employers face new and complex challenges in the way they approach enterprise bargaining.  Many critical changes have been made to the legal framework including:

  • How bargaining may commence
  • The ability of each and every employee to appoint a bargaining representative
  • Various applications bargaining representatives can make to Fair Work Australia (FWA)
  • Content which may be included in enterprise agreements
  • Changes to the safety net (National Employment Standards and Modern Awards)
  • The requirement to bargaining in good faith
  • The process to have agreements by FWA.

Unions have trained their delegates who are responsible for bargaining and in some cases produced comprehensive bargaining manuals.  It is therefore vital the right people within your organisation are equipped with the skills to both understand the enterprise bargaining regime in Australia and maximise opportunities for the business to effectively negotiate with its workforce. 

Workshop agenda

This workshop will explore the critical changes to the Fair Work Act and include:

  • Informative sessions with a negotiation expert
  • A guest speaker on "inside the FWC" regarding bargaining
  • IR strategy, bargaining related industrial action and the process for registration of enterprise agreements.
  • Particular consideration will be given to FWA's perspective on enterprise bargaining, including the approach it takes towards the approval of enterprise agreements and which employees should be covered by an agreement.

Learning outcomes

  • A hands on practical approach to understanding employer requirements and responsibilities.
  • Workbook of materials including checklists, and the Bartlett Workplace Enterprise Bargaining booklet.

Who should attend?

The workshop is critical for all managers with the responsibility for enterprise bargaining.

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