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Managing Ill and Injured Employees

29 January 2016     9:30am to 5.00pm    Melbourne

Managing the employment of long term ill or injured employees can often be difficult, and can involve legal, operational and emotional risk, especially if employment is terminated. There is a range of claims which an aggrieved employee can make against their former employer.

Often put in the too hard basket, because of issues around workplace laws and including adverse action and unfair dismissal claims, statistics clearly show that it is a massive productivity issue for employers if they fail to properly manage ill and injured employees during such a process. This training will provide staff with what practical and legal steps they can take in better addressing and supporting ill and injured employees with reference to the latest legal framework.

What will the training cover?

  • What can managers do when an employee runs out of sick leave?
  • The extent to which adjustments need to be made to an ill and injured employee’s job?
  • How to respond when an ill or injured employee claims they are being bullied?
  • The steps employers can take when they have doubts about the legitimacy of the employee’s illness or injury?
  • The role of medical evidence, including how to obtain it, how to get the information you need and why terminations without it are difficult to defend?
  • An employer’s privacy obligations when collecting information about employees? and
  • Whether your policies are comprehensive and legally compliant?

It is anticipated the learning outcomes will include:

  • Gain a greater awareness of the variety of legal obligation with which employers must comply;
  • Vital knowledge that will assist your managers and supervisors manage, and if necessary terminate, the employment of a long term ill or injured employee;
  • Measures to minimise the risk of successful claims being brought against you;
  • Gain real insights into real problems and solutions; and
  • Be provided with real life examples, discuss real problems and provide real “hands on” solutions. – Real war stories where other managers have got it wrong and what to do to learn from their mistakes.
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