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Outsourcing: employee/contractor issues including provision of best practice guidelines

1 November 2015     9:30am to 5.00pm    Perth

This area is a minefield and one of significant risk. It is critical for management to understand the legal difference between and employee and a contractor. There exists legislation with respect to taxation, workers compensation and superannuation for example that deems individual contractors to be employees in certain circumstances. Transfer of Business laws including transfer of entitlements and Enterprise Business Agreements (EBAs) (under the Fair Work Act 2009) can have a significant impact on ‘outsourcing’ and ‘insourcing’ arrangements. This is a complex area and Bartlett Workplace welcomes you to enrol in a half day workshop in which practical scenarios will be worked through and you will be provided with clear practical guidelines for the engagement of contractors and meeting compliance issues.

Victoria Laspas
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