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Enterprise Bargaining Capability

Bartlett Workplace is uniquely positions to be your end to end enterrise bargaining partner. We are experts when it comes to:

        +            Planning and execution of enterprise bargaining strategies;

        +            Legislative compliance with respect to enterprise bargaining and enterprise agreement content;

        +            Dealing with industrial action issues and disputes and dispute settlement processes;

        +            Bargaining-related Fair Work Commission and Court proceedings;

        +            Enterprise bargaining-related training; and

        +            Workplace relations and employment-related litigation.

Our integrated offering includes:


Our team of lawyers have extensive experience in all aspects of private and public sector bargaining, bargaining related litigation and industrial action.


In house and through our alliance with Strategic Human Resources, we can provided a network of HR and IR consultants who understand the industrial landscape across all industries/sectors and can guide your business through the bargaining process from start to finish (and even sit at the bargaining table).

Technology and other services

Depending on your business needs we can facilitate the provision of specialist services in the following areas:

  • Enterprise agreement electronic voting systems;
  • Communications strategists and advisors and
  • Web designers and content developers experienced in setting up secure customised online platforms for businesses to store and share bargain related documents and drafts.


Understanding the legal framework is critical for a business’ bargaining team and decision-makers. We offer public and customised training programs on enterprise bargaining which help ensure all key staff are on the same page with an appropriate level of knowledge and skills.

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