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Workplace Investigations 


There is an increasing call in the modern workplace for investigations to be carried out in order to establish whether or not complaints or grievances are well founded or to reliably establish the facts about certain matters before important decisions are made. If workplace investigations are to serve their purpose, it is imperative that they are conducted efficiently and the reports emanating from them are coherent and sound; essentially that they and the investigatory procedure behind them can stand up to critical scrutiny including sometimes in a court or tribunal setting.  

Our approach to workplace investigations is directed at achieving those objectives. We do this by integrating practical, mature experience in the actual conduct and techniques of workplace investigations, together with high level legal expertise concerning investigations. 


We offer a full range of workplace investigation services and are the experts when it comes to:

  • Conducting workplace investigations;
  • Advising on workplace investigations and processes; and
  • Workplace investigation training. 

Our Workplace Investigators

All our workplace investigators have been personally trained by Principal Workplace Lawyer and Director of Training, Glen Bartlett, to deal with the wide range of issues that can arise in a workplace investigation. 

We understand that every organisation has its own particular features and that a sound investigation must be informed by an appreciation of contextual factors. Accordingly, when we select an investigator to work with you we look at both the matters to be investigated and the context in which the matters arise to make sure that the investigator nominated is well fitted to conducting the investigation required. 

We have strong experience dealing with the difficult issues that can arise in relation to:

  • Gender
  • Children and students
  • Health Professionals
  • Indigenous sensitivities
  • Cultural sensitivites
  • Older people
  • Patients
  • Educators

Workplace Investigations and Training Solutions

"Having well trained people is the first step towards conducting a successful workplace investigation"

Our Workplace Investigation Training provides your people with the tools and practical training they need to better manage employee behaviour and, in particular, to investigate and make decisions with respect to matters involving serious misconduct.

Our customised workshops are the best way for you to ensure you have in place a best practice model for workplace investigations in place. We can work with you to design training tailored specifically to your needs to fill skills gaps and make sure each workplace investigation you conduct is consistent, addresses the issues that matter to you, follows a legally robust process and achieves your strategic goals.

Bartlett Workplace also provides public workshops for workplace investigators and human resources managers, a workshop tailored for decision makers and a best practice workshop focusing on best practice disciplinary processes and procedures including workplace investigations.

Our 3 main workshops and masterclasses in this focus area are

  1. Workplace Investigation Training for Investigators;
  2. Workplace Investigation Training for Decision Makers; and
  3. Workplace Investigation and Disciplinary Processes Best Practice Workshop.

Our Integrated Approach 

As part of our integrated approach, our workplace investigators are supported at every stage by the Bartlett Workplace legal team which includes Glen Bartlett and Bryan Mueller. This ensures our investigations and their results are robust, accurate and legally defensible when you need them to be. We make a point of keeping you informed of the course of investigation. 

Advisory Services for Workplace Investigations  

As well as conducting and overseeing workplace investigations, Bartlett Workplace also provides legal and human resources advice on:

  • Complaint, grievance, behaviour and disciplinary policies, processes and procedures including related investigation elements of them;
  • On how to deal with the results on an investigation conducted by other investigators; and
  • Issues relating to organisational cultural change.

Our experience has taught us that many organisations make critical errors before they even begin a workplace investigation by not having appropriate and practical investigation guidelines that can be consistently followed. Bartlett Workplace has extensive experience in working with clients to formulate the processes and procedures that can be adapted in the organisation. 

Because of the combination of practical workplace investigation expertise and legal expertise, Bartlett Workplace is especially well placed to evaluate investigation reports, to advise on the taking of the next steps and on the associated legal issues. 


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