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Victoria is Director of Bartlett Workplace Training and a Senior Workplace Investigator conducting investigations across a wide range of sectors including the education sector. As Director of Bartlett Workplace Training, Victoria works closely with clients to develop and design bespoke training solutions to suit clients’ workplace management, leadership and technical needs. Victoria has worked with some of Australia largest employers across a number of industries in developing bespoke training and education solutions for their teams. Victoria

As a senior workplace investigator, Victoria has both conducted and provided advice to clients on investigations into a broad range of employment issues across a range of industries. Victoria conducts complex investigations including those involving cultural and community sensitivities, senior academics, students and minors.  Victoria also provides training to employers, managers and HR professionals in conducting best practice workplace investigations. 

Areas of Expertise:

  • Government Relations
  • Commercial Partnerships
  • Industry Engagement Expert
  • Social Enterprises
  • Communications and Media Strategic Advice
  • Government and Industry Program Evaluation

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