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16 November 2015     9:30am to 5.00pm    Perth

Conducting a successful investigation is a challenging and often difficult task for any investigator.  In this seminar, you'll learn more about your legal obligations in a very practical workshop environment and ensure the way you investigate allegations of misconduct help, not hinders, you in working toward the commercial objectives of your business.

Benefits of attending:

  • gain a full understanding of how to plan a serious misconduct investigation and obtain as much information as possible from employees;
  • participate in practical exercises, including audio recording, drafting witness statements and preparing investigation reports;
  • understand and manage the legal and human resources risks associated with investigating allegations of serious misconduct;
  • appreciate what can go wrong when interviewing employees and what you can do to remain in control of the interview;
  • understand the interplay between conduct management and safety/bullying investigations; and
  • understand the different sanctions that can be imposed after a finding of serious misconduct.

The training provides attendees with practical documents designed to assist investigating officers. These include an Investigating Officers interview checklist and field manual.

  1. For our customised training we will development of a simple and easy to follow flowchart accompanied with plain English guidelines for the Decision Makers and Investigators involved in serious misconduct investigations; and
  2. Delivery of training to the a) Decision Makers and b) Investigators tailored for their role in a serious misconduct process
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