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Workplace Investigations Masterclass

26 July 2017     9:30am to 5:00pm    Melbourne

Conducting a successful investigation is a challenging and often difficult task for any investigator. The purpose of this training is to provide managers responsible for conducting workplace investigations and investigator officers with the tools and practical training to better prepare and carry out the process of conducting workplace investigations.

What will the Masterclass cover?

This Masterclass covers the fundamentals of investigating including: 

  • Proper referrals/delegated authority;
  • Principals of natural justice;
  • Investigating techniques including obtaining statements and other evidence;
  • Required standard of proof; and
  • The meaning of important legal phrases sich as 'without prejudice', 'legal professional privilege' and 'discovery of documents'. 

Who is the training for? 

This training is a highly practical session and we have found that HR professionals including HR managers/supervisors and workplace investigators gain the most benefit from this course. 

What are the anticipated learning incomes? 

  • Gain a full understanding of how to plan a serious misconduct investigation and how to obtain as much information as possible from witnesses; 
  • Have a practical understanding of essential workplace investigation skills including audio recording meetings, drafting witness statements and preparing investigation reports;
  • Understand and be able to identify miscoduct and serious misconduct and when suspension is required;  
  • Understand natural justice and what is required for a fair and defensible workplace investigation; 
  • Understand and manage the key legal and human resources risks associated with investigating allegations of serious misconduct; 
  • Appreciate and know how to avoid key things that can go wrong when interviewing employees and collecting evidence; 
  • Be able to respond to 15 crucial 'curve balls' that difficult employees and their representatives can use to undermine a workplace investigation; 
  • Understand the different sanctions that cna be imposed after a finding of serious misconduct; 
  • Be able to write consistent and useful investigation reports; 
  • Know more about your legal obligations in a hands-on training environment; 
  • Be able to run a serious misconduct investigation including
  1. Preparation and use of the tools provided; 
  2. Interviewing witnesses and taking statements;
  3. Audio recording interviews with respondent employees; 
  4. Dealing with difficult witnesses and their representatives; and
  5. Writing investigation reports. 
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